Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I've Got a Few Moments, So...

I forgot about my blog.  In all the busy-ness of this adventure.  I forgot I used to be thoughtful and reflective, and share-y.  It's been GOOD.  But I feel that after being here in NC for over a year I should be more rooted.  Instead, I'm spread all over the place.  Things should be settling down for a while, though.  Here's the BIG stuff going on:

The boys and I are plugging away with education at home.  We're 1.5 years into Classical Conversations, and loving it!  I tutor the 8-9 year-olds.  This age group is known as the Journeymen, and since we had so many in this age group, we split the group into two separate classes, by gender.  I've got the JOURNEYMEN!!  It has been a blast!  We're exactly half-way done with the year, and I'm flabbergasted that it has gone so quickly.

Hubby and I facilitated our first class of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.  It's been a dream of mine ever since completing the course in 2013.  For 9 weeks, we loaded up ourselves, some sort of picnic (a couple of drive-through nights), and my excitement, and met up with several couples who were ready to change their lives!  It was a LONG drive.  My soup exploded all over the trunk once.  I didn't always FEEL like going.  There was sometimes no one to watch my kids.  Also... we finished SO. LATE!  We were done at 8, but didn't get home until 9.  It made for a late bed-time.  It seemed like it would have just been easier to STAY HOME.  But...

In those 9 short weeks, those very people made a positive change in their accounts of $116,707.23!!!!  Dumping $97,951.23 worth of debt, and saving $18,756.00!! YAAAAAAAS!!!!  Was it WORTH the soup spill?  Yes!  And the yucky drive-through meals?  Yes!  And the LATE returns home?  Yes!  Another benefit of facilitating this class together is that this is the first time in a LONG while where I feel hubby and I were able to work as a team in ministry.  Sometimes, the chaplain does his thing, and the spouse covers down others at a chapel service.  I actually had plans of joining the worship team at the service we attend, but practice is on Monday and Thursday, so I'd probably NOT teach FPU.  And that would separate my ministry from my husband's.  So, I won't sing, and I'll trust someone else will fill that need.

In other news... I am working again as a Massage Therapist.  Wellness in the Woods officially opened for business in June.  I applied on January 23rd, and waited for my license from the board to come for SIX excrutiatingly long months.  In that time, I transformed my guest room into a home office.  My goal is to have no more than 6 clients per week, so I can keep up with the rest of my life.  This last weekend I went to my first Continuing Education class (even though I don't NEED it yet... I was excited to learn this modality).  I'm not advertising, nor am I designing or paying for a web site.  I do have a facebook page, though.  I've done a few "vendor" events at markets, and my next plan is to have an on-site clinical event where I'll get to practice my new skills from my CEU class at a reduced rate.  I'm currently researching an appropriate venue.  Every time I give a massage, I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work again.  It's a blessing for my clients, but also a blessing for me.  Part of my identity that I tearfully kissed goodbye a few years ago has joyously returned!  My national certification is gone, but my state licence is good enough for now, so I'll use it!  This is what satisfaction looks like for me, once a client leaves.

If you're curious about the modality I'm learning, it's called Bowen Therapy, and there are a few different veins of training.  The podiatrist in this video, named Dr. Mitchell Mosher, works in Gastonia, NC, and had such great success with using Bowen Therapy in his practice that he went from scheduling 6-8 surgeries per week to scheduling NONE.  From referring 12-15 patients per week to physical therapy to 12 patients in 8 YEARS.  The work is subtle, but PROFOUND.  He actually closed his medical office and started doing strictly Bowen Therapy.  It's a modality I learned about while in massage therapy school in 2004, and have been WAITING to learn since graduation!

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