Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Cancellation is an Opportunity (to paint).

I had an appointment cancellation Tuesday.  Which is a good thing.  I have been trying to get to my hallway painted for a while, but haven't had a good chunk of time to do so.  So,  my plan is to freshen up the walls that I painted a few years ago.  Trying to create a more "flowing" home, I believe that using one color palatte throughout the house will help.   I'm also freshening up the trim, since we need to paint the quarter-round at the baseboards (I had primed boards installed, since the baseboards were a bit too "beige" for my tastes and I knew I'd be painting them lighter).

I've been told to paint the door casings first, then the walls, then the baseboards.  I practiced this in my bathroom, and I liked that order!  It's super easy to cut in to the door casing, and I don't need any tape.  While rolling walls, tiny splatters of paint could land on the baseboards, so it'll save tape and time to paint the baseboards at the end.

Here's one pic of the green and grey next to each other on the wall. Before/after pics will come at the END of the project!

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