Monday, October 12, 2015

UK Vacay: Last Stop, Roald Dahl Museum!

Anybody hear of Willy Wonka? Matilda?  James and The Giant Peach? The Fantastic Mr. Fox?  We have!  We've read many Roald Dahl books (sometimes in order watch their Hollywood interpretations).  So when I was planning outings for our vacation, I was delighted to learn that our travels could take us right past Great Missenden, where Roald Dahl spent the last few decades of his life. It is also where the Roald Dahl Musem and Story Centre is. Our flight out of London Stanstead wasn't until evening, so we stopped there on our way to the airport for several hours to pay homage and learn a bit more about Dahl's life and creative process.  I may have loved it more than the kids, but they did get into it!

Big brother is as tall as Charlie here!

Little Brother and Matilda would make great playmates. 

Dahl's Writing Shed

Replica of Dahl's writing shed.

This scene was given to the Museum. It is from the Movie set of the Fantastic Mr. Fox.
Recognize some elements?  This makes me want to watch the movie again!
Though it was not much like the book...

Self Portrait

Here's our haul of small souvenirs!
Though next time we travel, I think we'll only take pictures! 

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