Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wir haben noch ein Schulkind!

Today was a big day for all the first-graders in the state of Hessen.  They became Schulkinder!!  A rite of passage as big as (I've learned) Confirmation, High School Graduation, and your Wedding day!
Pretty much love this pic!

The Kindergarten, the primary school, the church, parents, grandparents, siblings, and any friends make this day a BIG DEAL.  Cards, gifts, photos, fancy clothes, worship services, parties... etc...  So, what do you do when you're an American family experiencing this for the first time?  

Back in July, I found a letter from the primary school with details of what to expect today. And since then, I've been utilizing Google, Google Translate, and when all else failed, I could consult with a few friends who grew up here in Germany and have gone through this with their own kids.  They coached me well, and I felt pretty prepared for today.  I really enjoyed decorating the Schuletüte with a male black widow spider.  I also felt Little Brother was prepared, since he has been attending the "German as a Second Language" class at the primary school for the last year. No biggie.  

This has his name on it, but it's been blurred out for privacy. ;)

All went well for our photos in front of the house with his Schultüte (kinder-cone). He had his new backpack. He was combed and coiffed.  He was excited to wear a tie.  Ready for the optional (and over-crowded) worship service at the church next door to the school. But in the middle of the service when all the kids gathered up front and the teachers surrounded the kids to say a PRAYER for them is when I lost it!  I was overwhelmed with the sweet love these PUBLIC school teachers were allowed to show by praying for these little scholars that had been entrusted to them.  What a wonderful blessing!  I know that many American school teachers do the same thing, but they're not allowed to do it in public.  Though I was nearly completely prepared,  I didn't have tissues to wipe the eye-liner that was threatening to run down my cheeks with the tears welling up.  

I didn't take any photos in the church, and Germans are pretty uptight about strangers taking pics of other people's children... so here are mostly close-ups of Little Brother and our family.  

Wir haben noch ein Schulkind!
Big Brother's first day was Monday.  Little Brother's first day was Tuesday. Cookie cakes for both were Monday! 

We were the only ones on our block posing today!  All the our neighbors started back last week.  

Follow the purple umbrella to your NEW classroom, with your NEW teacher!


Using the Build-Your-Own Crazy Straws in the Schultüte!


  1. Prayers for the children, in public. So awesome.

  2. Lovely lovely! Here it's kind of a chaotic herding-day for the children, whether it's preschool or older. Parents running late, teachers not knowing what they're supposed to do because they just got back from holidays the day before, children being pushed along. It's good that you were informed of the rituals, because I would have totally messed that one up. Congratulations to Little Brother on this very special rite of passage, and to you for surviving it with your usual grace and aplomb. Kisses to the Big Brother and the Papa, and have them give kisses to you from us. Love you guys!