Wednesday, September 9, 2015

UK Vacay: Harrogate, Nidderdale, Yorkminster

After finding our hotel in Harrogate, we drove out to the Queen's Head, a public house the hubby has stayed a few times while doing business. We had a late dinner (my first authentic English Pub meal)! I got the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, with a bacon and Wensleydale cheese salad.  The only thing that appealed to the boys was the bags of crisps behind the bar.

In the morning, we stopped for a peek around the downtown area, a few necessities from TK Maxx, and to check out the hat store hubby had shopped last spring for some souvenirs for the boys. The gem we found in Harrogate was Thomas the Baker, right next to Starbucks, on the street ouside the Victoria Center Mall.  Highly recommend.  Less than 5 pounds for too many baked goods to go with our Starbucks coffee...

Eating a "Yum Yum" from Thomas the Baker,
and drinking the right drink with the wrong name.
Maybe "Sean" ordered a Venti Americano, too?

We nibbled them in the car while we took a drive to the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and happened upon Coldstone's Cut, a huge modern sculpture built about 5 years ago that serves as a monument to the current and historic limestone industry of the Dales, and a great hill to view the surrounding area. It was great fun to run around and pose for pics, as we were the only people there at the time.  The first pic came from an internet search.

 We then stopped off at this great big old mill (in Darley) that has been converted into a three-story General Store. There's also a tea room attached, but we didn't even peek in there.  Instead we perused books, cookware, bedding, toys, gardening tools, gifts, post cards... Flying Ryanair, we loved using the excuse "we don't have room for it in our luggage," when our kids asked for things. We walked out with a book we all enjoyed, a bar of Clotted Cream Fudge, and two scoops of ice cream. We wandered around their grounds and enjoyed a stroll by the creek that once powered the millworks.

The next day, we Drove to York, walked the ancient walls, 
took a tour of Yorkminster, and  explored The Shambles. 

Our photographer whilst in the building...

This window was restored a couple of years ago with polyresin.
The images are much more clear, and true to what the images would look like
when the windows were installed (I took this and the next photo).

Opposite side of the church, this window has not been restored.
Any breaks in the glass have been filled in with lead, and the images are much more difficult to see.

S-Bux, The Shambles, York

As we were leaving the city, I realized I never took any pics of the cool buildings while wandering through the Shambles. This pub had such cool flowers, I snapped just one photo to prove "we were there!" 

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