Monday, September 7, 2015

UK Vacay, Cambridge

Our long-anticipated summer vacation was from 22 August until 2 September.  And though it seemed to be a lot of days on the calendar, it wasn't enough time to do all the things we had hoped!

Destination 1: Cambridge 

We landed in Stanstead on our late-night Ryanair flight close to 11 p.m.  Hopped in our rental vehicle, drove half-an-hour to Cambridge and found our Premier Inn.  This is a great chain if you're looking for a modern hotel with a full breakfast included. It was wonderful to crash hard and sleep in, with no alarm clock to awaken us... that's the true meaning of vacation! 

Though there are plenty of things to do in Cambridge, we only allocated a morning there, since hubby wanted to head to York that afternoon.  For me, the ONLY thing that was compulsory was to go punting on the River Cam.  It seemed like something the kids might enjoy, and the weather was perfect.  We parked for free at our hotel, and got a day-pass for the bus for 11 Pounds. Less expensive, and much less stressful.  We hired a punt through Trinity College's rental service, which provides a guided tour, or (for the adventurous) you can hire a boat for 16 pounds per hour. It's hard to find, but thanks to a few reviews on Trip Advisor, we're pretty sure we got the best price.  We opted for a guided tour, and relaxed while Chris pointed out the different colleges, bridges, and other interesting landmarks, like the King's Chapel, the Trinity College Library, the Bridge of Sighs (replicated from Venice's own).  That was the first and last warm, sunny day on our whole trip!  Glad we did it!

Here are highlights from the morning:
Waiting for the bus to the City Centre.

A double-decker! We're on the top, of course!
It was NOT easy to find the Trinity College Punts.  THIS scratched sign was helpful!

Sunny Summer Sundays make for a crowded river!

Waiting and people watching. 

Schlitzhor! (Joker)

Our punt.

King's Chapel
Trinity College Library

The Bridge of Sighs--replica of the bridge with the same name in Venice.
In Venice, prisoners would walk across the bridge to receive their punishment (execution).
In Cambridge, students walk across this bridge to receive their examination results. 
Here's a public Croft, where anyone who lives in Cambridge and has cattle can graze them. 

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