Monday, September 14, 2015

UK Vacay: Alnwick and Edinburgh

After our couple of days (not enough) in Yorkshire, we had a long driving day from Harrogate to Edinburgh.  We stopped in Alnwick. We caved and bought Fish and Chips--have to do that at least once while in England, right?  I suppose it was good, but truly wouldn't know since I've never had the real deal before!  The guys behind the counter were very patient with me, since the menu was bigger than I expected.  I just thought you got whatever kind of fish they had, and some fried potatoes.  No.  It was a bit more complicated.  Hubby and I ended up with line-caught haddock. The boys got a burger and a sausage.  Let's just say the establishment is probably better known for their fish! 
Pretty flowers, fun shadows!
 On to Edinburgh!  We did one of the three Hop-on/Hop-off tours available, and enjoyed seeing a ton of sites.  We didn't take a whole lot of pictures, though.  We were in town at the same time as the Fringe Fest, and also the Military Tattoo season (late August, Early September).  There are 8,000 seats at the Military Tattoo, and the show is usually sold out every night (weekend nights there are two shows).  We did NOT go to the Tattoo this time, but if we're ever back with older kids (and are richer than we are now), we'd love to see it in person!
Welcome to Scotland!

Little Brother caught a pic of the view from our Air b-n-b flat.

Somehow we can still find something to do on the computer even without internet access...

Scottish Parliament building

Contemplation capsules for members of Parliament.  

Front side of the Scottish Parliament Building
We made sure to stop by some of the important Church History sites in Edinburgh, as well. We saw the John Knox house, and the Greyfriars Kirkyard (the Kirk was closed), but didn't get ourselves to St. Giles, where John Knox preached.
Info panel outside of the John Knox house.  

Inside the John Knox house.  

Little Brother did not want to put on the cape and hat provided here, but it was a good pic anyway.   

From the Kirkyard, we just saw layers and layers of buildings.  Such a rich city!

You can barely see Greyfriars Kirk from the city streets.  

This circle cut from stone seems like a great place to just sit and relax whilst touring the city.
It's located at one end of the Grassmarket--a bustling touristy part of the Old City.
In reality, this pedestal was where public executions took place until the late 1700's.
This is also where the Covenanters were executed.
Read more here.
We spent half of one day at an attraction Big Brother really wanted to see, called Dynamic Earth.  Totally not what I wanted to do, but on a long trip, you sometimes have to let the kids pick and choose a few activities.  That's it for Edinburgh.  Back to England in the next update...

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