Saturday, September 5, 2015

Once Upon a Time (Seventeen Years Ago)...

This day, 17 years ago, I awoke to my life as a married woman.  Perhaps I was a bit late to the game, but sometime after I turned 21, I began to imagine I'd make a pretty good wife, and I started realizing what type of person would be a good fit for me as a husband.  An unassuming and hard-working guy.  Easy on the eyes wouldn't hurt, either. I was surrounded by sweet people, and tempted to "like" a few guys, but I'd always hold off and watch them from afar. Sooner or later the boy in question would do or say something that helped me eliminate them from my potential "interest" list.  The list was short.  It was college, and there was no lack of options, but for the fist time, I made a self-imposed requirement that the boy had to have a perceived interest in me.  That was never a requirement before.  What I had previously learned was that a boy will take whatever comes his way.  This is something someone (or many people) had probably already told me, but I'm an empirical learner, and so had to learn by experience. So by the time I was at North Central Bible College (now North Central University), I never acted on a crush. When I'd get one, it would eventually fade away. 

But one day, this boy on a cell phone showed up in my peripheral vision. He caught my eye. Not because of his haltingly good looks, or his masculine cologne. No. More than anything it was the fact that it was 1997, and no one I knew even HAD a cell phone.  And here he was calling his room mate from his, when there was a perfectly good FREE-to-use campus telephone about 10 feet around the corner.  Smirking a little, I left the room I was in. Next day, who should walk into my classroom but Cell Phone Guy (CPG).  Funny I had never seen him before.  Next day, I was shocked to see him in TWO more of my classes.  It was February, and classes had been going for over a month. I'd been at the small school (1,100 full- and part-time-students) for a whole year already, and chances are that he had been there at least that long.  And I never saw him.  To describe him, QUIET would be an understatement. Huh. CPG is kind of cute.  

It was an agonizing semester.  I crushed hard and fast, but it never went away.  CPG never once burped loudly in the cafeteria.  He never made fun of anyone. He never scratched himself in public. He never ignored a person and let the door slam behind him while someone was coming in from the cold.  He changed his own oil. He hung out at the best coffee shop. He had a job. He had a bunch of camping gear in his truck.  I knew all these things because I was constantly stalking watching him.  Waiting for him to do something to make it so I could stop having a crush and get on with my life. Well, darn it all.  He never did anything that could help me move on.  Matter of fact, everything he did just made me like him more. And he was completely oblivious.  I really wanted him to ask me out, but it never happened.  I had made a "deal" with God a year prior that I would wait to be asked out, rather than just easily asking a boy to hang out with me.  And up to this point, it wasn't so hard.  But this shook me.  I made it VERY easy for him to ask me out.  And he never did.  So.  I crushed even harder. My poor roommate.  She had to see me swoon and be silly, peeking out the curtains just to see if his Chevy Blazer was back.  

In May, after my last final was over, I had a serious chat with God.  I asked Him to give me a sign, or to physically STOP me from calling Troy.  "...because if you don't, I'm calling him and it might change the course of my life!" No sign.  Lightning didn't strike my hand when I touched the phone, or the student phone directory (the Philoi) Well... maybe 30 seconds was long enough to wait?  I called and asked if he wanted to go downtown for coffee.  He said he would love to.  And after we got coffee with his friends, we went and got coffee at the long-gone Jitters Cafe--just us.  I realized that his quietness was easy to overcome, once he knew I was interested in spending time with him.  That day, he asked me out on a proper date for the following evening (my 23rd birthday), and we've been a couple ever since. I still remember it like it just happened, but lifetimes have gone by since those days.  He's a gift to me, and I'm thrilled to be his proud wife, and the mother of our two sweet boys... 

...To be continued... ('cause I can't say "The End!") 

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  1. This made me cry. Now I'm going to get to work because I can see that I could very well spend all day catching up with you on your blog, but these training courses aren't going to write themselves. We must get in touch when you have time. Célia's feening for some time with the Brothers. Congratulations to you (late) on seventeen years. Much love, Michelle