Wednesday, September 23, 2015


As a child, when I imagined myself as an adult, I imagined writing checks with lots of numbers... spending all kinds of money on things I couldn't afford as a kid. I just never imagined myself writing checks to a handy-man for a sliding door replacement. Today, I'm glad Dave Ramsey taught me to prepare for stuff like this.  Still not touching my emergency fund!

There are two more that will need replacing.  But I'm holding off on that, because it's time to replace our ROOF this summer.  It wasn't something we had on our radar, (I honestly thought we'd get new carpet and windows first), so we'll have to dip into our emergency fund for most of the cost of that.  BUT... It's not the end of the world.  I know how to SAVE money like never before.  But I'm also opening up my options to beginning to WORK again to throw more cash at our mortgage.

I've been in prayer about when to work, and what job I might take on. I've even had dreams about it.

My goals are simple.  Pay off the mortgage in less than 10-years.
I've had some good bosses.  This time I want to be my own boss (liked that SO much better)!
Be able to take my work with me when I move.
Have it make a difference in others lives.

Massage Therapy is what I'm trained in, but my license has long-since expired due to my many moves, and the babies I waited so long to mother.  They're my most important gift, and I am happy to forfeit my professional life to be their mommy.

But, they're not babies any more!  One's nearly a decade old!  The other one is just a few years behind!

So.  I'm praying, and open to whatever is around the corner!  Will I do direct sales?  If so, I want the organization I'm working with be more than just a "money maker," and I want it to be a business with whose philosophy I wholeheartedly agree.  Will I go back to Massage Therapy?  If so, I'll have to go back to school to make up deficencies and re-test for my license.  Will I go into ministry?  If so, I'll have to start thinking about Seminary...

Who knows what life will look like in just a few months.  I just have a feeling it's not going to look the same as it does now.

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