Saturday, August 1, 2015

Big Brother is 9!

Big deal over here.  Big Brother is 9.  We celebrated by having kids in our building come over for dessert, and three of the boys slept over.  It only cost me the cake mix/toppings, ice cream, and a bit of lost sleep.  The day AFTER his birthday, we played outside all day and it truly felt like SUMMER!

The street musician we saw last summer in Brugge.  I found him on Youtube and ordered via email!

Looking at the picture of the BIKE he's getting next week (it goes on sale Tuesday)!

Little Brother's gift--he made the cupcakes (and got to lick the beaters)!

A little dance party.  Made this birthday banner 8 years ago, and use it 4 times a year!

More guests.  More dancing.

Yes, I did.  And it wasn't SO bad... we got about 6 hours of sleep before the first boys woke at 5:30.

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