Monday, August 3, 2015

Behind Closed Doors--A New Room

Another set of doors has a happy surprise behind them.  I shared HERE how I moved my fabric stash into the guest room... but needed to finish the project with comic book backer boards.  They arrived quickly from, and here's the finished project!

Next up on the "I've finally got time to stop ignoring this" list is to turn my guest room into something a bit more functional.  We get  enough guests to warrant a queen bed, but there are more days this room gets ignored.  Currently, if I want to sew, I set up my machine on the dining table, but need it put away before dinner.  When it gets put away, it stays that way longer than I want it to.  Meanwhile, I've got my sewing desk stored in the basement, collecting dust.  That will soon change.  As for now, here's what my guest room looked like two days ago: 

I never really put much effort into it, since it's mostly ignored.  The headboard for the bed never got attached, because I truly felt like it wouldn't stay this way long.  Well... it's stayed this way long enough!  The room is a bit more messy now, with a "work in progress" feel, and I've got plans in the works... I'll share the steps when I feel like it's "finished" enough.  Summer Projects are FUN!

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