Monday, July 27, 2015

Commencing Summer Projects

It's the FIRST MONDAY of Sommerferien, and I'm ready to rock and roll!  I don't really have a list of Summer Projects, but I did have a growing list of "things I need to stop ignoring once my busy days of shuttling kids to and from school comes to an end." And they truly were busy.  I would often go 4 times before lunch into the village to drop kids/transfer a kid from one school to another/pick up kids separately... for 10.5 months... I rarely had more than an hour and a half between runs.  It wore me out!  But Hallelujah!!!  It's over, and we enjoyed a very relaxing and long-awaited PJ morning on a Monday.  Hubby had the car, and I didn't plan on going anywhere today, so after leisurely finishing up my coffee, I busied myself at around 10:30 this morning.

Project 1:  not even worth a pic... but I emptied, washed, and re-organized the pantry today.  Lined the shelves that get grimy from the oil bottles.  Should be easier to wash the offensive rings, because the liners are rectangular plastic placemats I can remove individually and spot-wash.

Project 2:
I'm anticipating a bit more time to sew this fall, and need a better place to do it than the kitchen table.  Because if I get the machine out, I need to put it away before dinner.  So, I rarely ever get it out.

Hubby and I brainstormed, and we decided to use our guest room, and "make it work."  Perhaps we'll get a futon or sofa bed for guests, as the room is so small, there's no place to put a desk for a machine if there's a proper guest bed taking up the space.  That's a detail we've not yet worked out, but I still couldn't wait to start some preliminaries.

And there's a LOT of work I could do before getting around to furnishing the space... believe me.   The eyesore I tackled today was in my laundry room, hiding behind a closed door--My Fabric Stash.

Here's the guest room, with all the stuff from the shelves in the closet strewn all over the bed, and the fabric in front of it.  The only thing NOT in this picture is all the plastic totes from the closet that I had already placed into the laundry room (see below).  It's always got to look worse before it looks better, right?

Here's the laundry room after: 

There's now an empty laundry basket on the top two shelves in the foreground.
And here's the new home for my fabric: I will still have to battle the piles until I get around to implementing this plan when I get around to finding the proper resources (hopefully locally, or on My friend uses it, and her fabric stash is SO pretty.  Until then, the doors close so I can ignore my mess for months... make the room look tidy, even when I don't have time to re-organize my piles.

I don't hate my fabric stash so much anymore!
The next step will be to bag up my bed, and swap it out with my desk that's in the basement storage. Ordering the storage bags from today...  The sooner someone comes to visit me, the sooner I'll have to whip this room into shape... so anyone reading this is invited to crash here ASAP!

Bis dann!

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