Monday, July 27, 2015

Schöne Ferien!

It's been two months since the kids in our neighborhood started summer break.  In all that time, our household has been pining away for our break to begin!  While other kids were vacationing, staying up and sleeping in late, enjoying VBS and pajama days, we were plugging away at our routine.  It's not a terribly HARD routine, but when everyone else around is getting a break and we're not, it was work to try to remember the "immeasurable benefits" of willingly sujecting ourselves to the discipline of German second grade and kindergarten.
Last ride of Second Grade!

Last Ride as a Kindergartener!  Next Year:  First GRADE at Primary School!!

Little Brother's empty Garderobe!  He's done with Kindergarten forever!
FRIDAY was the day we could finally shout "School's OUT!"  ...If the locals did that kind of thing.  But they don't!  Last year, as I stood outside waiting for release that last day of school, I was underwhelemd by the excitement level of the children trickling out of the building.  An older boy had a smirk on his face, but it looked like any normal day.  The only difference was that kids had an extra bag full of supplies they'd not want to leave at the school for the break.  As they walked away from the school, they farewelled their friends with a friendly "Schöne Ferien!"   And that was it.  No excited shouts, no grins plastered on their faces, no tearing out the door and chanting the famous "School's Out!" song.  Well... until Big Brother came out with his friend David.  They were chanting "Ferien!  Ferien!  Ferien!" But it was still a mild celebration compared to the joyful exoduses I remember from my school days.  Perhaps it's because here there's only a 6 week break, and not three months?

To mark the occasion of the completion of a successful school year, we took the boys to get some crazy color for their hair (something they've been requesting for a while).

Saturday was a chilly day, but we still made it to the On-Post Fun Run in the morning, and a local FEST for some food and a tractor ride:

This was the shuttle that ran down into the Village hosting the Fest (Bierstadt, OUR fair village)!  We hopped on and stayed on it the whole way around, just to warm up (it was SO chilly and windy that day)!

Gotta get the FEST food in.  There's nothing else like it! 

I'm determined to make sure SUMMER happens here.  We're going to read a lot, bike a lot, play outside a lot.  If it's hot, we'll swim a lot. And I'm going to get some organizing projects done.  But, my kids need a well-deserved break.  It's after 9:00 our first Monday morning of Ferien, and I've got two boys watching cartoons in their PJ's. And they're quite happy about that!  Schöne Ferien!

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