Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pretty Summer Top

It's summer here in Germany!  While summer isn't quite HOT like the summers we experienced at Forts Hood (Texas), Bragg (North Carolina), or Jackson (South Carolina), we get the challenge of trying to keep cool sans Air Conditioning.  It's supposed to get up to nearly 100 degrees this weekend, and I started getting a little judgemental of my closet.  There was nothing for super-hot weather that wasn't a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, or tank tops that require a sports bra.  Sports bras and I do not get along because I do believe people wonder if I am a cross-dresser when I wear them.  I'm not making this up. One time, while sportily clad, I was drving down the highway with my windows down, I had a carful of young men ask me if I was a dude or a chick. Since then, I choose my undergarments carefully to help alleviate the mystery. But the bra straps always show when I put on any of my tank tops.  Another challenge is that we're allocating every penny before payday, and I didn't write any funds into the budget this month for clothing. As I was walking my boys to school, I saw another mom in a pretty tank top and was inspired.  So, I decided to hit up pinterest for ideas, and raid my fabric stash to see what I could come up with.

Here's my shirt: 

Here's the tutorial for this shirt, a pattern from Made By Rae posted in 2009 on Sew Mama, Sew's blog.

Fearing I'd be mistaken as expecting baby number 3, I amended the pattern a bit.  

Making the shirt took most of my free time in one slow day, including digging through my fabric to select what I wanted to use. But it cost me nothing, since I had everything I needed.  Since the fabric came from my stash, I have a story about where each piece came from... The body of the shirt came from The Quilt Tree in Anchorage Alaska, purchased about 5 years ago. The chest band was all I had leftover from Tina Birch's apron, purchased in the last month, and the straps... well, that fabric has been in my stash since my sister asked me to sew some scrubs for her LONG LONG ago... pre-kids, pre-Active Duty Army wife... when I lived in Springfield, MO. 12-ish years ago, maybe?  I wore it today (93 degrees fahrenheit), and I felt quite feminine. Today... I may just sew a bit more.  Perhaps a halter?


  1. Great Job! I love it and it only cost you some time! Those are the best projects!

  2. Great Job! I love it and it only cost you some time! Those are the best projects!