Wednesday, July 22, 2015

German Weekend at Home

Well, we're getting very close to the end of the school year here in Germany.  There are field trips, Schulfests, and a general ramp up to Summer BREAK!  We had a LOT to do this weekend, and I only captured a few pics of it.

Friday--Abschlussfest: a party just for the kids at the Kindergarten that will be starting first class in the fall.  Little brother and I did that one without other family members.

Saturday early afternoon--a Bike Ride on the paths in the farmers fields:

Saturday afternoon/evening--Grundschule Schulfest: Singing/dancing, playing games, eating food, running around the school yard, general merriment. And a lot of sweat.

Way to go, Mom!  This is the only "good" pic I got of Big Brother during the 2nd grade soccer game! He's fine now.

I failed to take pics of one of the most beautiful fests I've been to.  It was less than a half mile from our house, in the city's small Apothecary Garden.  We could hear the music from our house, and we enjoyed a few hours there on Sunday afternoon.  If I find pics (maybe on hubby's phone?), I'll share them later.  In the midst of all that, Big brother worked on oodles of math problems, since he found out that the workbook needed to be finished before the end of the year... we JUST finished it TONIGHT!!!  No more homework!!!

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