Thursday, June 25, 2015

Haircut at Home

I hate paying for a barber to cut my boys' hair.  After spending at least 45 minutes for waiting for a chair and the cut, then shelling out $15 per boy in cut/tip, I end up "fixing" whatever things the barber missed or messed up when I get home.  I've already got clippers to tend to hubby's hair, so it's a no-brainer that I should use it on my kids.  A boy's cut isn't that hard.  IF, by chance, I do mess up, I can always buzz it off and start over again.  Though lately, both the boys are interested in actual "styles" rather than my default Army cut. So, I've hit up Youtube and Pinterest for suggestions on how do get the looks my kids want.

Big brother wants a surfer cut, which means... no cut.  We're letting it grow this summer.  The bangs are only getting trimmed to stay shaggy but out of his eyes.  The sides are starting to curl over his ears.  I can see how it's going to take a while, but will work well with his wavy hair.  If only there was more than one sunny day per week here, he would get some natural highlights! He's requested chemical ones, and I'm thinking we'll do it.  He also wants a streak or two of crazy color.  Why not?

Little brother asked for "cool" hair. So we looked on Pinterest for "boy hair cut" and these were the final contenders:
Romeo Beckham for Burberry

Little brother requested just the hair, not the pants.

So I hit up Youtube for some tutorials... 
And this one I used, sort of... but didn't make the hair so asymmetrical

And then I plopped the kid on a stool and went to work.  Here's my first Youtube video ever... no editing, nothing fancy...

So, here's the cut in real life (and a glimpse of one of our neighbors)!

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