Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Farewells and Fanfare!

It's PCS season... Permanent Change of Station time!  Every six months or so, we see the trucks roll in and the cardboard boxes emerge, either into an apartment/home, or out of a home.  I'm staying put for now... but a very special family is on their way back to the US.  The chaplain spouses here at Wiesbaden tried hard to send our fearless Senior Chaplain's Spouse, Tina Birch, off with lots of love and thanks.

We got together at Hannah Nielsen's home, and ate some delicious German Fest Food at our own Birke-Tschüss-Fest, all served from Polish Pottery, and eaten off Polish Pottery.  Most of which was acuired on shopping trips to Poland led by Tina herself.

The group presented her with a hand-illuminated print from the Gutenberg Bible, purchased across the Rhein River in Mainz at the Gutenberg Press Museum (and framed by Hannah).  We also gave individual gifts in a basket, if we wanted to.

Shawn Wright was the mastermind behind the decorations (see the Pottery-printed banners?!!) Angela Foster provided our place-settings, Jennifer Petoske was our VIP driver and commissioned the centerpiece, and each guest brought a dish to pass.  Below are some highlights of the night.  I sure wish I would have had the "good" camera, but hubby had it on his business trip...

Empty plates, full bellies, full hearts!

Seeing the quilt Shawn made!

So much love!

This is Tina's favorite pattern, and I used it as inpiration for my gift to Tina... interpretation of Tina's pattern, in an apron!

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