Sunday, June 7, 2015

Around Here

This spring has been a blur of activity.  I thought I might have "extra time" once PWOC finished on 19 May.  Below is a pic of our 2014-2015 Board at the farewell BBQ. But there's no such thing as free-time these days.  We're on a pretty tight schedule, with big brother adding a drum class on Fridays, little brother joining TKD twice a week, and the craziness of shuttling him from language class every weekday at 9:30, then being ready by 11:30 for big brother to come home from school.  I'll be adding Physical Therapy twice a week to that morning routine, and you can believe I've got a countdown going until Somerferien!  7 weeks!  The American schools get out this Thursday, and our building will become a ghost town for a few of those weeks, while neighbors travel back to the States.  So, we needed to make some special memories. The first Water War of the summer was captured in pics before several kids from in (and out) of the neighborhood showed up. 

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