Thursday, June 25, 2015

Haircut at Home

I hate paying for a barber to cut my boys' hair.  After spending at least 45 minutes for waiting for a chair and the cut, then shelling out $15 per boy in cut/tip, I end up "fixing" whatever things the barber missed or messed up when I get home.  I've already got clippers to tend to hubby's hair, so it's a no-brainer that I should use it on my kids.  A boy's cut isn't that hard.  IF, by chance, I do mess up, I can always buzz it off and start over again.  Though lately, both the boys are interested in actual "styles" rather than my default Army cut. So, I've hit up Youtube and Pinterest for suggestions on how do get the looks my kids want.

Big brother wants a surfer cut, which means... no cut.  We're letting it grow this summer.  The bangs are only getting trimmed to stay shaggy but out of his eyes.  The sides are starting to curl over his ears.  I can see how it's going to take a while, but will work well with his wavy hair.  If only there was more than one sunny day per week here, he would get some natural highlights! He's requested chemical ones, and I'm thinking we'll do it.  He also wants a streak or two of crazy color.  Why not?

Little brother asked for "cool" hair. So we looked on Pinterest for "boy hair cut" and these were the final contenders:
Romeo Beckham for Burberry

Little brother requested just the hair, not the pants.

So I hit up Youtube for some tutorials... 
And this one I used, sort of... but didn't make the hair so asymmetrical

And then I plopped the kid on a stool and went to work.  Here's my first Youtube video ever... no editing, nothing fancy...

So, here's the cut in real life (and a glimpse of one of our neighbors)!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Farewells and Fanfare!

It's PCS season... Permanent Change of Station time!  Every six months or so, we see the trucks roll in and the cardboard boxes emerge, either into an apartment/home, or out of a home.  I'm staying put for now... but a very special family is on their way back to the US.  The chaplain spouses here at Wiesbaden tried hard to send our fearless Senior Chaplain's Spouse, Tina Birch, off with lots of love and thanks.

We got together at Hannah Nielsen's home, and ate some delicious German Fest Food at our own Birke-Tschüss-Fest, all served from Polish Pottery, and eaten off Polish Pottery.  Most of which was acuired on shopping trips to Poland led by Tina herself.

The group presented her with a hand-illuminated print from the Gutenberg Bible, purchased across the Rhein River in Mainz at the Gutenberg Press Museum (and framed by Hannah).  We also gave individual gifts in a basket, if we wanted to.

Shawn Wright was the mastermind behind the decorations (see the Pottery-printed banners?!!) Angela Foster provided our place-settings, Jennifer Petoske was our VIP driver and commissioned the centerpiece, and each guest brought a dish to pass.  Below are some highlights of the night.  I sure wish I would have had the "good" camera, but hubby had it on his business trip...

Empty plates, full bellies, full hearts!

Seeing the quilt Shawn made!

So much love!

This is Tina's favorite pattern, and I used it as inpiration for my gift to Tina... interpretation of Tina's pattern, in an apron!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sanford NC Home For Rent!

We just received word that our NC home will be vacated 14 July, 2015. Available for rent 1 August. I'm posting pics of it here, so anyone can share the link with people who are home shopping.  Here's one of my favorite memories of this house.  The boys waiting on the front step waiting for their Dad to come home from work. So super sweet.


3 bedrooms
2.5 bathrooms
2 car garage
Managed by Carolina Trace Gated Properties  (click on this link for their listing).
$1300 per month.  Utilities run around $300. 
It is in Lee County, in Carolina Trace.  
Located at 3088 Fairway Woods, on the fairway of #17 Creek Course.  
The drive to Pope/Bragg is roughly 25-30 minutes highway driving from Pope Airfield entrance.
Located smack dab in the middle of Fayetteville and Research Triangle (Carey, Durham, Raleigh).

Quiet neighborhood, large wooded yard, with very little yardwork needed (pine straw mulch).

New heat pump/air conditioner in 2011
Two new water heaters (2011, 2012)--one for each end of the house
Fresh front landscaping 2012
New back deck 2012
New driveway lumber and pea gravel 2013

Here are some pics!  Spread the word!


Since this photo, the driveway has been re-worked, with new lumber and pea gravel. 

The kitchen in the background has been painted a light yellow.

Entry from the Garage, laundry room on right.

Bathroom just off the kitchen, by the garage entry.

Wood-burning fireplace with blower for heat. Built-in wet bar.

From the master bedroom entry

Master bath vanity.

Guest bedroom.
Kids room.

The view from our back deck, middle of the winter.

Someone is Six!

We sure had fun celebrating little brother on Thursday last week... it was two days before houseguests arrived, and I never got around to posting pics.  So, without further ado...

He asked for candy sushi, not birthday cake!

His favorite meal--pulled chicken slow cooked with with salsa, white, and black beans.

nearly reading the card all by himself...

THIS book.  Is the best! The Book with No Pictures, by B.J. Novak.  Get it for a little person or two you know!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Around Here

This spring has been a blur of activity.  I thought I might have "extra time" once PWOC finished on 19 May.  Below is a pic of our 2014-2015 Board at the farewell BBQ. But there's no such thing as free-time these days.  We're on a pretty tight schedule, with big brother adding a drum class on Fridays, little brother joining TKD twice a week, and the craziness of shuttling him from language class every weekday at 9:30, then being ready by 11:30 for big brother to come home from school.  I'll be adding Physical Therapy twice a week to that morning routine, and you can believe I've got a countdown going until Somerferien!  7 weeks!  The American schools get out this Thursday, and our building will become a ghost town for a few of those weeks, while neighbors travel back to the States.  So, we needed to make some special memories. The first Water War of the summer was captured in pics before several kids from in (and out) of the neighborhood showed up.