Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nancy, France

Over the holiday (Happy Himmelfahrt got a good snicker Thursday morning when I wished a good one to all at the breakfast table), Thursday and Friday, the boys and I made a trip to visit my friend from High School in St. Max, near Nancy, France.  She's a true Ex-Pat... where I'm just a temporary one.

Here are some images that turned out:

These two are no good together!

The view from the Terrace.

On the Terrace.

The eldest sons.

St. Max 
Luna. A bit soggy, but smiling.

St. Max at night.

My oldest got ahold of the camera on our hike.

More details during our repose on a foggy hike.


Our dreamscape during the first half of the hike. 


Cafe Amorino, Nancy. 

Stanislas Square, Nancy.

This place is pretty photogenic.  So are these two.

So is SHE.  Cutie.


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  2. There was a typo in my first comment that made me look like an ignoramoose. :) What I said was, that I gobbled these pictures up, and that I wish I could gobble my friends up and that I miss you guys so hard. Thanks for putting these photos up!!!

    1. Oh, what fun it would have been to stay up all night listening to stories. You girls are GREAT story tellers, and great listeners.