Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First Friend Adventures!

We had some friends come and visit this week!  Our "First" Army lifelong friends.  Our oldest two are two days apart, were born at the same hospital, and met one another only after we moms met when the kids were 4 months old.  Here's a fun pic of their first play date:

They flew Space A, since their school schedule is quite accomodating... as in Homeschool! What a great field trip for them. :)  I always thought WE would get to travel a lot while in Europe, because I thought we'd be homeschooling... but we decided to constrain ourselves with a German school schedule instead.  I don't think I'll regret it, but there are days I grudgingly shower and dress before 7 so I can get my kids to school and be ready for the day.

Here are some highlights from our week... mostly from the weekend. We stopped in Koln on the way to Holland, then spent Saturday in Haarlem visiting the Corrie Ten Boom Haus, and took the bus to Kuekenhof Gardens. Sunday was a rainy lunch and canal ride in Amsterdam before heading back home in the afternoon.  A whirlwind trip, with a total of 9 people, five of them little.  We played hard and slept hard. Good times.  So glad to have been able to make some new memories with long-time friends.

Ritter Sport, anyone?  Köln Bahnhof.

At our swanky rental house in Holland. 

Nutella grins.

Parkour to kill some time.

Those people in the background are some of my favorite people in the world!

This girl never once looked at the camera.  Little brother has no idea how funny he is being.  

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