Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Dreaded SPAR

This sweet little 8-year-old I have.  He does his Tae Kwon Do forms (Poomsae) compulsively. And right near perfectly.  But sparring (Kampf)?  That's a different story.  He was invited to a weekly sparring class, and though it was an honor to be invited, and he liked the thought of being in the class, he just hates the thought of attending.  He's the youngest, smallest, and lowest-ranking belt there.  He either gets hurt by his partner (who is often much larger and more aggressive), or more often he hurts himself in his over-zealous and under-experienced attempts at making contact.  Suffice it to say that after three classes (right in the middle of dinner time--from 6-7:30), he would CRY when I reminded him it was Wednesday and that sparring class was still on the "to do" list.  I decided I couldn't keep him in the class, no matter how "good" his coach thought he might be with enough experience. Maybe next year?

However, another opportunity arose.  A team-wide sparring tournament was scheduled, open to anyone in the club. They host these as "practice" tournaments, so newbies will know how a tournament works without quite so many people milling around.  He's attended a couple of the Poomsae Turniers, and done quite well at them, but Big Brother was wavering on whether he wanted to participate in Kampf, or just observe.  His coach assured us that he was good enough, and he should try it.  So he took a gulp, and went for it.  The older kids started things off, and they were tough, fast, and accurate.  It was a bit intimidating to watch. Little Brother has been hoping to join the club, and I've been dragging my feet on making that commitment. Once the sparring started, he added a little comic relief when he commented, "Maybe I don't want to start Tae Kwon Do, after all!"

Will is very glad he mustered up the nerve to attend, because he didn't have to fight bigger, older kids. He got to fight kids in his grade, and actually smaller than him (I truly thought there WERE no second-graders smaller than him)! He sparred twice. He won a quick victory in under 2 minutes the first encounter, and  at the end of the second round, found himself facing a sudden-death score (8-8).  He won by a one-point kick.

So, this was a first for our whole family... Our first sparring tournament!  I've tried to keep the pictures mostly of Big Brother, as photographing other people's children is (rightly) frowned upon here.  We got some group shots, but you'll have to find them on the club's page!  Here are some pics of the afternoon, and a little peek at our favorite pizza place in Bierstadt:

Maybe I don't want to start TKD, after all!

The big kids were instructed to make sure the newbies were suited up correctly. 

Sparring's not such a bad thing...

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  1. Way to go Will! Proud of you. !/2 the battle is showing up!