Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Little Red Table Painted Blue

Once my husband blamed me for being a river.  Like it was a bad thing.  Here's why: I acquire things for free, or nearly free, all the time.  Dumpster diving, Free-cycle, thrift shops, curb-alerts, garage sales, Craigslist, you name it.  I acquire it, fix it up, use it, then send it off when it's done serving my purposes.  I'll trade for something else, sell it for what I paid, or give it away.  When I get something, I don't expect to keep it forever (my retort when my self-admitted packrat hubby called me a river was, "if I'm a river, then you're a cesspool... um, in a good way?").  I've seen beds, dining sets, pianos, clothing, lamps, knick-knacks, place-settings, curtains, rugs, picture frames, baby-gear, you name it, come, and I've seen even more go.  But this little table.  I kind of am attached to it.  I scored it for $15 in Anchorage at a yard sale, painted it red, and set it in the middle of our great-big kitchen.  Big brother and I made some fun memories, eating meals and doing crafts there when Pop was in Afghanistan, and Little brother was too small to sit and eat a table.  It got more use that year than our $600 Craigslist dining set in the adjacent room.

This table used to seem so big!

Well, I hadn't quite given up on this table, but for the last few years, it's been out of the rotation... When I rearranged my furniture to cope with having to actually live in the same house longer than two years, the coffee table I had scored for free just didn't fit in the living room any more, so I kicked it to the curb.  I dragged this out of the basement storage and tried it on for size. It had just the right proportions for the space, but the color was all wrong.

So, I decided to break down and try Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  Yes, people I know have made their own version of this and loved it well enough, but I wanted to see what all the hype was about.  There just happens to be only three ASCP (you know what that means if you've been looking closely) stockists in all of our state of Hesse, Germany.  One just happens to be here in Wiesbaden, at At Home Shabby.

So, here's the progress, and very little commentary...

The table shrank, right?

Go here, if you're ever in town!

It was a great day to be outside, so I got some help from the neighbors!

It dried FAST on a windy, sunny day.

I was purposely sloppy and liked the red peeking through.

After the blue dried, I added Old White with a dry-brush.

Clear Wax to seal, Dark Wax to antique, then sealed again with Clear Wax.

The table fits, and looks great!
So, I realize now that I'll need to add a couple of photos with the whole table in the Living Room.  But a) it's super late, and I should be asleep, and b) there's laundry all over it now, and it's a bit too real to share.  Gotta fake it up a bit with a table-scape (you know, to make it look like I don't have two young boys here), then I'll post pics before we use the table as a foot rest.

This table may just be an island in my river.  I've kept it for nearly 6 years, and it feels brand new!

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  1. I've done the fake ASCP and its so fun! Your real stuff looks AMAZING! Did you feel like the real stuff is the way to go? Or will you go back to your own concoctions? (Love the red peeking through!)