Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Crazy Quilt

I'm not making a "crazy quilt," but I sometimes think I might be crazy for thinking I'd like to make another quilt.  I don't love my first (and last) queen-sized one, but I've aquired a ton of scraps from other projects since then (nearly eight years ago), and really want to make a happy quilt with some of my leftovers.

So, here's the inspiration, and here's what I've cut of my scraps (a shoutout to my friend Shawn for letting me borrow her Accu-Quilt Go! to make quick work of getting such lovely strips and diamonds):

Praying for enough time to get done before I grow weary of the project, and enough discipline to put down the project when I have other responsibilities.  I'll post progress pics occasionally.

Now, off to clean my house so I can reward myself with a good, long, triangle-chopping session!

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