Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sweet Dreams

I've always been jealous of those parents who've caught their kids falling asleep in the cutest places.  On the toilet.  Crawling up the stairs.  Eating ice cream. I always wished my kids would do something adorable like that.  Now that my youngest is 5, I thought I'd missed the boat.  But when I least expected it, after a crazy round of Night Time Glo-Stick Stairwell Tag with the other kids in our stairwell, we told the boys to brush their teeth and hop in their jammies and head to bed.  At least he tried. Sweet Dreams, little brother. 

Another DREAM achieved this week was to do a mini-makeover in my home. People who don't move every two years just don't know how hard it is for a Military spouse to actually keep the same address for three whole years.  Typically by this time in our assignment (1.5 years in), we've gotten word where our next assignment will be, and I get the exciting task of chatting-up friends who have already lived where I'm headed.  They hook me up with friends who still may be living there, and I get to ask a ton of questions, scour the internet for rental homes that show potential, and start purging my home of "stuff" I don't need.  But we really think this assignment will be three years.  If that's true, then I've still got another year before I get to anticipate a move...  so, to bide my time, I rearranged my furniture about a month ago.  But MORE needed to change. And on Thursday I just happened to find myself at the Thrift Shop, just to see what I could see.  There was nothing in particular I needed, but I never know what can end up begging me to take it home when I head there. I ended up getting a bunch of plates and bowls that I could mix and match with a few other plates I already had.  $20 altogether. So, my 12-year-old buttery yellow Pier One Ironstone tableware has found a new home in the basement, and here's my new casual dinnerware:

I already had the cow and black plates from a Thrift Shop in Carey, NC

A little bit of Art Deco feel
Pfaltzgraff Sand and Seas Sandbar Dinner plates.
I got three of these for $1 each.

This small plate started the whole binge.  I got 11 of them, plus a server for $5.
The manufacturer is Thomas Germany.
They're quite fine, and very Mid-Century Modern
Here's more about Thomas ceramics
(the mark on the back matches the last one listed)

Here's a coordinating bowl and plate.
They're made by Sango, a modern tableware company in Indonesia.
I got 4 of each for $6.
Not pictured is the grey-ish matte mid-size plates I also found.  They were from IKEA, and they were $1 each as well.  We've got NO lack of plates... but now I'm finding I may just need to update my linens.  No hurry. I've got a whole year and a half left to work on that.

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