Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Helau! Helau! Helau!

The only Fasching festivity we celebrated was the Kinder parade yesterday. It wasn't advertised anywhere, but I caught wind of it while talking to one of the mamas in my son's class.  At 13:11, the kids of the village get to walk the streets of Bierstadt with a Polizei escort. Dressed in their Fasching costumes under their winter coats, with a small band leading the way, they stopped at several local businesses and the proprietors threw candy and trinkets out their windows into the crowd.  To say thanks, we all shouted, "Helau, Helau, Helau!" then marched another block or so until we got to the next business.  It was just our speed, and a great way to end our long weekend.

People really needed helmets and eye-pro for this part of the parade!

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