Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring decor on the "cheep!"

When hubby went away for 3 weeks, I posted once, then got busy with the boys.  I've also taken to reading books at night instead of trying to add to the chaos of the internet.  But, I couldn't stay away.  Troy's been home for a few weeks, and I made some fun stuff over the weekend, and wanted to put pics up somewhere...

I'm pretty excited about trying to come up with ways to use up my scrap fabric.  Though the fabrics I've used may not be the most trendy, these SPRING/EASTER projects have been really cheap... er, "cheep!" Also, my banner didn't use fabric at all and required no sewing.  I used up supplies that I've been holding onto for a while, though.  It feels good to use stuff that I've saved, "just in case..." finally!

First, my scrap felt banner.  I used crazy purple foam from little brother's halloween costume from 2 years ago, and pink and white felt from a Valentine craft earlier the same year. Then, glue-dotted scrapbook paper from Walmart onto it, and glue-dotted the polkadot ribbon to the flags.  I printed out the letters HE LIVES, and colored them with a colored pencil (because I'm too cheap  frugal to use my expensive printer ink) And the flower... well, that is a combination of two tutorials I found late last night... this one is for the felt flower, and this one is for the rosette in the middle. I'm not stellar with the glue gun, and it was LATE, but you'll see a close up of that below.

He Lives!

I was really hoping to add more items to my shelf before posting these pics, but here's where we're at right now.  Come Easter, it will be full of fun reminders of what the EASTER is all about: an empty grave, and a risen Savior! Oh, and my little gnome (I think his name will be Happy) will probably be put in the garden soon.  

Paid about 15 cents for a piece of yellow ecofelt at Hobby Lobby.
Already had the purple from another project.
Just couldn't bring myself to pay $5 for one already made.

Second, I've seen a few really cool displays online and in boutiques of little decorations under glass. The correct term is "cloche." And I love them.  I purchased a cheese dome from Value Village in Anchorage about 2 years ago hoping to eventually make one of my own.  And I finally got around to it! Here and here are a couple of  examples. I didn't have just the right color spray paint, nor did I desire to make a late-night Walmart run... so I sewed a mini fitted table cloth for the old wooden cheese plate.

Cheese Dome from my cupboard
Candle pillar from the guest room
Nest and eggs $2.50 from Hobby Lobby
Mini table cloth from the scrap stash
Gas to get to Hobby Lobby--$10. Really.

I might just be ready to host Easter dinner here at home for the first time in quite a while!


  1. I love the mini table cloth you added to your cloche! Such a clever idea! Thanks for linking to mine :)

  2. Love your Spring decor! Your cloche turned out SO cute! Love it all! Thanks for sharing!