Monday, February 27, 2012

Two Bathrooms Down

And ONE to go!  I have to put some finishing touches on this one still, but those will happen eventually. Here are the highlights...
Gave up trying to scrape wallpaper.  Masked the cabinetry.

Primed.  Could have left it like this.

Puck is laying next to what will become the wall texture (crumpled up tissue paper).

un-crumpled tissue paper applied to a wet coat of paint.

Same swatch of wall after applying second coat of paint on top of tissue.

Just a couple of steps back.

The next day. All the masking down.. post touch-ups.

A close up of my sweet old wallpaper.

Making a pattern for my window shade. Got the idea here. Found the stencil here.
Broke some of the rules, but got the same result.
And for the record,
I didn't really WANT to paint my fabric.  I just couldn't find any exactly like this,
so had to resort to getting WAY more crafty than I wanted to.

Used stencil plastic as a template for tracing even lines.

I was going to use blue paint, but Biggest wants yellow.  I think I can live with that.
It is his bathroom.  But if I change my mind, I'm not likely to do this project again.
Not too shabby!
So the room isn't done, but it has come a LONG way. I'll add more pics once we make some more progress!

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