Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fall in February

So. Next fall is the fall we try school AT SCHOOL.  Last fall we tried it at home (and are still plugging away at it). This is a first for me.  Making school plans for the FALL.  It's only February.  I don't think about the fall until July, at the earliest.  And that's usually me wishing for fall so I can go outside without getting blotchy-hot and sticky. But when you have a pre-Kindergartener... February is when you think about what will be happening in the fall.

Littlest will be going to preschool at St. Luke's UMC in the fall. I signed him up on February 7. There were only two spots left for his 3-day-a-week class that starts in August.  No such thing as waiting until the last minute for this school!

Also, we checked out the school Biggest will attend in the fall.  The PUBLIC school!  The free, bus-takes-him-5-days-a-week, he'll-be-wearing-a-uniform-every-day-school.  And I'm over the moon.  We've come so far from a year ago when I was trying to decide if he should start last fall.  It was a hard choice to make, but I'm confident we did the right thing by waiting until he's a young 6 instead of just-turned-5 and starting him in Kindergarten. He's bigger. He's faster. He's tougher.  He's got a better sense of humor. He is almost reading, and knows that he loves math. He's still highly sensitive (prone to burst into tears), and overly perfectionistic (won't try something if he's not going to execute it perfectly--hence the hesitancy to read, I suspect). I still remember my first day of Kindergarten.  I begged my mom to take me early. I stood out in the hallway while she got permission from the teacher for me to come into the classroom.  When my Mom signaled I could enter, I burst into the room, gym shoes and art supplies in hand, ran to the first desk I could, then shoved the shoes and crayons in.  I probably only remember it because both my mom and Mrs. Heart (my teacher... isn't that a perfect name for a Kindergarten teacher?) reacted with smiles and laughter.  There's just nothing greater than the unrestrained excitement of a 5-year-old. I don't know that my Biggest ever does much without restraint. But after the visit on Friday, I could tell he was excited about starting in the fall.  It's going to be a fun year.  

There's a very tiny possibility that he'll be selected for the one year-round charter school in the county, but it's so unlikely that I almost don't want to mention it.  But I just did.  Because it's a GREAT school.  And my friend's kid goes there. And we could carpool.  But we won't find out about that for a couple of weeks.

So here are some of my fave pics from the last few weeks...

Valentine Box. 

Wrapped boxes and painted them to build Angry Birds blocks.  We throw the plush birds at plush pigs when I think they've played too much on my cell phone. Those are pillowcase smocks they're wearing.

This was before he spiked a fever. It's his favorite place to snuggle.  He'll bring me my robe if he needs some snuggles.

Just really excited about green grass in February. Southern Pines, NC.

This was our morning TV time today. He napped right after this.

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