Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Have One Cute Bathroom...

And two ugly ones!

Here was my guest bathroom in February 2011 when we moved in:

Polygraph wallpaper. Brass light fixture. Disproportionate mirror...

There was also a funky smell, but you can't take a picture of a smell, so I'll leave that to your own imaginings.

We tackled the kitchen and main living area's walls first, but by July, I was ready for a small, quick, rewarding project.  The wallpaper could really make you dizzy if you stared at it too long. Of all the bathrooms in this house, this one had the most offensive paper on the walls (and, of course the aforementioned smell).

I don't think it's fair to just put a before and after shot.  So much time and effort happens in between.  But I refuse to post a pic of this room without the toilet (which was removed for quite some time). Here, instead is a pic of me convincing the wallpaper it's time to let go:

Insert steamy online photo joke here

Then I painted the walls, spray painted the light fixture and mirror frame to make do until I came across the perfect pieces.

So much better, but not quite right yet.
Removed the vases right away when I got tired of dusting them.

Used white high-heat spray to hide the brown roses and etching on the globes. 
This is what my bathroom looked like this morning. Not loving it.
What I DO love are the hooks on the towel rack.
I bought them in Anchorage at the huge craft show downtown, shortly before moving away.
This morning, while refereeing 4 boys to take turns on the Wii, kiss a bump and boo-boo or two, feed some snacks, make lunch, save the cat's life, threaten time-out, convince a naked two-year-old to get dressed, dress said 2-year-old, Skype with long distance friends (almost family) I got to hang my mirror, my photo, and rework the hooks on my towel rack into something I LOVE:
The wood for the towel rack is from the train parked in downtown Sanford.
My older son found it laying on the ground next to it.
And he really didn't want me to use it, because he pretends its his wooden gun.
And I told him that it's my turn to play with it.

Here's the mirror. $40 at Kirkland's.
I forgot about that place until yesterday when I was going to pass it on my way to Pier 1.
I never made it to Pier 1.  Maybe next time.

I love the bathroom. It's clean and calm. Nothing cluttering up the counter. And the funky smell is gone (well... most of the time). Biggest bang for my buck would have to be the $8 light fixture transformation ($1 for a partial can of spray paint and $7 for the replacement globes):

So, one bathroom down... two to go! Wondering if Rate My Space on HGTV would rather do them for me... 


  1. I really like the look in your new bathroom! I completely agree with the decluttering. Sean and I have been actively decluttering for about two years now. It amazes me how much stuff can keep piling up. We have even installed a trashcan by the door we use most often to get rid of stuff on the spot. Sometimes I think I should take a picture of things going in the garbage so people can see what happens with the junk they keep giving us! I think your hooks and wood are awesome. I don't know if I could come up with something like that, but it is neat!