Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coffee works.

Coffee works wonders.  I planned to stay up late steaming wallpaper off the bathroom walls tonight, so I drank HALF a cup of coffee at about 4:45.  It's 12:30 a.m. and I am awake.  Yes, I worked for nearly 2 hours with the steamer. But it was so overwhelmingly slow. This wallpaper is making me rethink how I feel about living with 80's flowers plastered to my walls. I'm strategizing now that if the wallpaper is so stuck, then it probably would stay that way under a few coats of texture, primer, and paint.

Speaking of coffee, the photo in the background of this blog was taken moments after Troy pulled his first shot of espresso from his Alex Duetto machine. It's a true Macchiato (which means "marked.") A simple shot that has been marked with steamed milk on top.  I think the Starbucks version is much more delicious, in a whipped-cream, caramel-y, dessert-y sort of way.


  1. Did you ever get the wallpaper down. I know from experience that it's a pain in the xxx!

  2. No. No. ... no. It's happening in fits and starts. Mostly fits!